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Who in his right mind wouldn't start things off with the Sisters of Mercy (US mirror) WebSite? And we've got the home pages of more too: Bauhaus, Front 242, Marionettes, Siouxsie and the Banshees The Cure or The Electric Hellfire Club. I'm still waiting for Nosferatu to put up a homepage. If you want Andrew Elritch's controversial SSV (Screw Shareholder Value) .mp3's, you can grab them here.

Looking for the perfect present for the psychotic in your life? Check out The Nightmare Factory for gifts intended on those sick, twisted individuals that you've grown to love so much. You can also check out Vomitus Maximus for even more gifts of the macabre. If you want the real deal, the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has some items it'll sell ya.

Still craving more? All right, check out these places (all worth a glance):
The Church of Dawn - The Cry for Dawn online fan club
The Clan Page - the list of clan havens around the world and on the net
The Gothic Babe of the Week WebPage - for all you under-sexed GothBoyz out there
Malkavian Homepage - my brethren have decided to show themselves
Pale as a Ghost - whitening cream for the perfect goth skin tone
Mistress Persephone's Tartarus - Vampirella eat yer heart out!

I'd recommend that you pay a visit to the following places as well:
Carpe Noctem - A beautifully laid out E-Zine with links, pics and more.
Morbid Outlook - A cool nifty-neato little E-zine that's worth a look
Air Crash Monthly - The E-Zine written by the infamous Sexbat
Vampire: The Masquerade - the long awaited RPG computer game.
And to prove that even goths have a sense of humor...
106 Type of Goths - where do YOU fit in?
Antedeluvians - the "true" history of the Caanites
Care & Feeding of Your Pet Goth - living with us is hell
GothGeek of the Week - Pray your name never shows up here
Goth Breakup Lines - or "Get out of my face!"
Goth Pickup Lines - Looking for someone to share your un-life with?
Jesus was Gothier Than You - The proof is in the pudding...
Problems Only Goths Have" - this stuff is far too true...
Gothic Word Problems - they didn't ask any of these at my High School
Tamagothi Interactive Toys - Interactive Toys for Mopey Girls and Boys
I'm So Goth - Oh yeah? Well, my goth can beat up your Goth!
The Bluffer's Guide to Goth - How to bluff your way through the Goth sub-culture
P.A.R.O.D.Y. - Are you waiting for your kids to talk about Goths? Helpful hints for Christians against Goth.

A few quotes in closing for you:
"Live fast...die young...leave a beautiful corpse..." -- Anonymous
"Bite Me!" -- the most over-used pickup line in a gothic nightclub

A proud member of the Alt.Gothic web ring.
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