Most Honoured Guests

Welcome to the village of Revel Grove. His lordship, Mayor Bribeworthy has declared a festival to honor the visit of His Most Glorious Majesty, Henry VIII, King of England, who this day tours with his royal court.

Intrigue abounds. The year is 1535. The king is escorting Lady Jane Symour, who has caught his fancy. The Queen, Anne Boleyn, awaits the King's arrival, hoping to keep her position at Court. Alas, gentle friends, her days are numbered, as you shall see at the final joust today.

Traveling with the Court are the Admiral of the French Navy, Philipe Charbot de Brion and Micheal de Nostre Dame, known also as Nostradamus.

The mayor has taken a new bride, the german Baroness Shadenfreude von Essen, a domineering social climber who has quickly become aware that her husband is not as friendly with the King as supposed.

The stage is set. Scheming and favor-seeking prevails. Enjoy, good persons, but beware you do not fall from favor and side with those that will fall from his King's grace.