Most Honoured Guests

Welcome to the village of Revel Grove. His lordship, Mayor Bribeworthy has declared a festival to honor the visit of His Most Glorious Majesty, Henry VIII, King of England who this day tours with his royal court. Four spectatular Jousts will be performed by Revel Grove's new Jousting Troupe, Heroes and Villains

The year is 1537. One year ago, the King married his third wife, Lady Jane Seymour. Not the entire relam awaits the iminent birth of the Royal Heir. The queen is fond of this vilage, and believes a visit would bring good luck to her baby.

But lo! Baron Thomas Cromwell has other plans for the town. The powerful courtier has decided that Revel Grove would be the perfect site for the King's new palace, Nonsuch. He orders the entire village to be leveled in three days. The Mayor and villagers must find a way to save their village. Intrigue abounds!

Avail thyself of all that Revel Grove has to offer: goodly food, wonderous crafts, and entertainment fit for a King.

Special thanks to Bill Bolt (Greyfox) for providing me with the 1993 program.