Most Honoured Guests

Welcome to Revel Grove. The lord Mayor, Earnest Fibber, hath declared a Festival in honor of His Most Glorious Majesty, King Henry VIII.

The Year is 1541. King Henry is married to his fifth wife, the teenaged Katherine Howard, But is his "rose without a thorn" really as innocent as she seems? Rumors are circulating that the young Queen is having an affair. Is this true? What will happen if the King finds out? Follow the Royal Court shows and see this drama unfold.

A treasure hunt is on! Rumor has it that Lord Thomas Cromwell buried a treasure in Revel Grove just before his execution. Could it be jewels, money, or secret papers? Everyone from the King down to the gravedigger is in search of the secret booty.

As a welcomed visitor, the Mayor encourages you to partake of all that Revel Grove has to offer: goodly food, wonderous crafts, and entertainment fit for a King!