Most Honoured Guests

Welcome to the royal borough of Revel Grove, in the County of Oxfordshire. Tis the year 1550, King Henry is dead. The village has been abandoned for 2 years, since the villagers could no longer live in a village where the greatest monarch they have known died.

Overgrown with weeds, the village is now populated with vagrants, highwaymen, and pirates, intent on robing those unfortunate enough to wander within the village gates.

NO! That's not the storyline... read on for the REAL story...

Welcome to Revel Grove. The year is 1520. Mayor Collier Remmington and all of the town are thrilled by the arrival of King Henry VIII and Queen Katherine of Aragon. Not only must the Mayor entertain the English Royal Court, but King Francois and the Royal Court of France have come to this small village for a historic first meeting between the great monarchs.

But oh la la! The French King informs the village that Revel Grove belongs to France -- won in the spoils of war from the local noble, Viscount Belchley. Will England lose Revel Grove.

And that's not all of the intrigue! What secret is Sheriff Marshall concealing? Can Mayor Remmington and his crafty Italian housekeeper, Columbina, be trusted? Why are they shocked by the arrival of Zach Rackam? And who is Prince Jabari?

The answer lies in the Court shows and interactions with the villagers and courtiers in the pathways. While solving these riddles, take time to enjoy all the wonderour crafts, entertainment, and food Revel Grove has prepared. It is fit for a king -- two kings!