The Colorado Renaissance Faire

Allright gang, I pulled off another trip to a festival and I am here to give you the rundown on the activities. The grounds at the festival are VERY well laid out and the buildings and shoppes are beautiful. A wide variety of artisans and performers abound and are well mannered, although a need for musicians and street performers become apparent in a short time. The "playtrons" are very well-to-do for fest-go'ers and seem to really enjoy their visit. The only real disappointment was the joust which lacked the power and thundering appeal that I have grown accustomed to - although the blood packs were a nice touch. I took in a few shows and fully enjoyed them (if you're there, check out Puke 'n Snot and the "spoonerisms guy" - both are WELL worth the time...) The food was better than decent, and there is a HUGE variety to choose from including the traditional ones like fried cheese, steak on a stake, CIDER (it ain't Woodpecker though), beer, ale and mead as well as funnel cakes, pizza, gyros and much, much more. The actor portraying Henry VIII was not as much of a king as one would expect - neither imposing nor robust as I've seen Henry's before but he did a very likable job. One thing that would take getting used to is the amount of pine trees that grow through the grounds, but seeing as how this IS Colorado, one would expect to see them. One suggestion however, and a warning in itself. Dress for occasional showers, as from the locals that I attended with, it rains nearly every afternoon during the fest season. Overall, the festival is well worth attending as is exploring the immense area of land it is set upon. Huzzah to the festival staff - a job well done!

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