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Wanna see the cutest couple on the net? Yeah, it's Dawntreader and I at Ruby Tuesday's during MiniMuG 1. Aint we cute, folks?"Cheese..."
Here's a pic of Rudie and I out and about at Fells Point. Who cares if everyone knows your name? A night at this place and you won't even know your own!
Dawntreader and I at Rocky Mountain National Park. In 1996, we drove out to pack her things for her move to MD and visited this beautiful national park while there.
Yes, I played the tourist while visiting Dawntreader's family out west, and here's proof - it's me in front of the St. Louis Arch
The beauty of the falls at Niagara pale next that of the love of my life, Judy
Talk about a couple of bird-brains...Here's a shot of Judy and I visiting the Baltimore Zoo. The nests we're sitting on are Oriole and Eagle nests...sized to accommadate a human.

Halloween Parties '01 and '02

This is the reason I call Halloween "my Christmas" -- take a large gathering of friends, throw in vast amounts of alcohol, stir in some weird lighting and decorations and you have my favorite holiday.

Yes, this actually is our fridge at the '01 Halloween party -- we're taking donations for a bigger fridge for the '03 party.
Heelllllllo Granny! We were all glad to have Brian attend -- he makes a big splash with this outfit, complete with stocking breast implants. Eat yer heart out Pamela Anderson!
If you come over, be prepared to wash your own dishes. 'Ole Jack here found out the hard way what happens to anyone who makes a mess of my kitchen.
The Easter Bunny might be a little late this year, kids ... he'll probably be a little hung over after a long night of drinking. Desmond always said these pictures would come back to haunt him when he became Senator -- well, he's not a Senator, but these images are haunting.

Halloween Party '03
I think our friends are getting odder and odder each time we throw the annual shindig. I'll let you judge for yourselves!

Keith confronts his arch-enemy in the guise of Michele. Looks like she's won this round! Bat-Bat and Dave the Welder can only look on in disbelief - can no one save the unlikely hero? (and does he really want rescuing?)
"And I ate his brains with a nice side of Fava Beans!" Okay, so they were Jello Shots. Mike took his costume a little too seriously I think. He was wandering around serving people these lovely little concoctions (included one molded in the shape of a brain!)
The winners of the Costume Contest. Valuable prizes* were awarded to these lucky and creative three! Charo (Chris), Kinkie the Clown (Brian) and Frank N. Furter (Jon) certainly make an odd collection.
Mikey makes a splashing statement in this year's Fall Fashion Must Have -- he's White Trash!
Jason offered his services to any of the ladies present -- free Mammograms (and a free follow-up 15 minute later). Lori, in her Cleopatra outfit, was enough to bring any Marc Antony to his knees.
Kinkie the Clown (Brian) and Alex the Droog (Sharon) share a laugh as BatBoy looks on.
More oddballs who happen to be friends: Frankie, "Frank", "Cleo" and "Emrys Fleet" (I loved the Emrys outfit!)
...and your hosts for the annual gala of insanity, bad taste, mucho alcohol and merriment: Judy (in full Mediaeval Baebe mode!) and that poster child for Thorozine, Keith. This departure from sanity is proudly endorsed by Arkham Asylum -- home to the nicest psychotics in the states!
A really nice witch (Leslie) takes a moment and casts her spell over the hosts, the "Baebelious" Judy (she's Mediaeval!) and the "Insane" Keith. Who said they were all ugly hags? This was was yummy!
Oh, Magic 8-Ball, great knower of many things, we ask if Judy will be tipsy by the end of the night.
And the answer? "It is Certain!" And the ball was right.

* valuable prizes that were awarded came from many fashionable places, including Dollar General and Factory Card Outlet. The winners have become the envy of their neighborhood and will attempt to retain their titles at next year's gala!
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