Capprizzio [link down] Check out the Capprizzio (formerly the Bawdy Balladeers) website, one of the best singing groups to ever grace a stage.
The Pyrates Royale Find out what those skurvy dogs, The Pyrates Royale have been up to lately. You can even order their CD.
Hack and Slash For your amusement, I present Hack and Slash, two great guys who put the fun back into swordplay.
Whiplash Comedy, whips and fire-eating? Check out Whipflash. I just wonder what would happen if he got the hiccups...
The Rogues The bad boys of celtic music. The Rogues of Scotland.
Theatre in the Mud The dirtiest act on the circuit, The Theatre in the Ground, mixes wit, wisdom and mud in a show that is guaranteed to split your sides.
Emrys Fleet The Rat-catcher, Emrys Fleet, would love to teach you the rules for Rat Puck. Puckus Sumarai!