Ahh, you have contracted the addiction referred to as "Garbaholism".  There are numerous sources of information regarding your particular addiction on the web -- I've listed some of the ones I've found to be either useful or interesting.  Please feel free to let me know if there are any that you know of and I'll be glad to list them.
  • Garbaholic, eh? Check out the nifty stuff I've created to show the world your addiction.
  • Clothing was an outward measure of social rank during the reign of Henry VIII.  Want to know if your garb would have pass the period test?  Check out the Sumptuary Laws in Tudor England and see if you would have to suffer some rather stiff fines. If you are still in need of some guiding by the "muses o' garb", check out the Tudors in Movies and Television site where they list movies filled with marvelous garb ideas. Still craving more ideas from the silver screen? Check out Renaissance and 16th Century Costume Movies, which lists quite a few really great flicks.