The people whose webpages you will find below are fantastic people who I've grown to love as much as any family member I have. Some of them I've never laid eyes on, yet they are still near to my heart. They are trusted friends in the quest for the holy faire and go by many names. Whether you call them Rennies, RenRats, Rogues, Wenches or Otters, you will never meet a greater gaggle of people.

Check out other people who call the Maryland Renaissance Faire "home":
Regan Avery Melissa Hammon Dawntreader
Tro Keltik
Quinnalt Hemloche Emerald Dragon
Shaggy Cordelya Wylde Kilted Knight
...and some of the other faire addicts around the country:
The RenFaire Junkie The Bronx Elf Micheal Meissner
Gwyneth of Avalon Cif Sara Trice
Sir Clisto Seversword DragonChylde Rosalily
K Kalani Patterson Vicky Rowe Lara the Lacemaker
Shaiana Caille