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What to do with a predeliction for bagpipes and no faire going on? These otters headed to the Southern MD Celtic Festival for their Scottish Fix. Photo by Emerald Dragon
Rogues to the left of me....rogues to the right of me. Here's a shot of all of us decending upon VARF '99 during invasion to break a few hearts and woo a few women.
One of the best friends I have, Pretzel poses during his favorite activity...examining the bottom of his mug.
Bliss Wayfarer, the better half to Kimball Wayfarer. She's a sweetheart to put up with his antics.
You'll not find one without the other, we're two pieces of the same person. One light, the other darkness. The White Dragon & The Lady Dawntreader smile for the camera.
Is she praying to be saved or thanking someone for her placement between two dragons? Better ask her yourself. Photo by Emerald Dragon
The Lady Dawntreader takes a break from the festivities at the Sterling, NY Renaissance Festival.
The reports of Tom Berenger filming his next movie at the renaissance faire have been exaggerated -- it's just our friend, Tiger.
The Rogues of Scotland returned to Revel Grove bringing truly great music and touch of Scotland with them (and quite a few fluttery hearts, i think:).
Damnit, Bones...that's an "ear trick," not an orgasm. Or perhaps it is...[grin] Columbina corrupts yet another with her infamous talent.
Now, let me ask you something? Do I really look like a rogue? Nahhhh.....
We six rogues of Revel Grove be, bearing gifts on bended knee... I present to you, several of the 1999 Season Maryland Renaissance Festival Rogues.
Columbina & Danicia being "blessed" [cough][cough] by a roguing from your's cruelly.
Two of the greatest guys I've met in a long time, my brother rogues Styles, "The Rogue King" & Spectre.
Egads! "Attack of the Succubus" re-runs on The Sci-Fi Channel? Guess again, it's just Tracy & Virginia sprouting wings.
Moriah Wayfarer buddies up with Emerald Dragon and Lady Dawntreader for a few Kodak moments. Right photo by Andre Bourgeois
Are you one of the few who would stare death in the eye? If you're up to the challenge, beware - he and his fiends are again travelling this mortal realm.
Mistress Bethany! The name conjures up so many images. It was stiff competition as each of us tried to win her over. Innocent fun, eh Bethany?
Always out and about (and in search of dazzling damsels), these three rogues are always ready to have some fun and break a few hearts.
Here's a sight you don't see very often: Whitedragon face down in the dirt - groveling at Mistress Columbina's feet - and he's not even durnk!
Mimi the mime shows us her rendition of "Singing in the Rain: The Silent Version" during a very wet day at MDRF.
Mimi shows us a little bubble magic -- you don't need a ring or wand to blow em...just the gentle touch of a mime.
The ever-lovable Scratch always seems to find new ways to entertain us. Ask him why and he'll sing you a song aptly titled, "Satan Told Me To..."
Wee Willy Witnot runs through the town, in the pub, in the mud, in his night-gown; and Harold's irrestable charm claims another heart.
The Three Louseketeers ride off once more into the sunset at Revel Grove! Scratch, Harold and Willy show us the faces behind the [mud] masks.
Bet you didn't know that our own Master Jack Rackam was such a party animal! Hey Jack, you know your face might freeze that way:)
What started as a simple Celtic Handfasting turned into an engagement! Congrats to Revel Grove's new "Cutest Faire Couple, "Greyfox and Kim!
Turnabout is fair play: The fair maids of Revel Grove have the Rogues to drool over, we gentleman (HA!) have Cindi of Sianan. Rrrrrr....
One of my very best friends, Cheryl, gets caught hanging out with two of the worst trouble-makers in Revel Grove -- Mikey and myself!
The 1999 Season of MDRF featured many new sporting the "Full-Contact Kilt-Checks" shown here (or Robe-Check in Sinius' case :)
Paybacks are hell (or in this case, heaven) as these wenches proved. I guess all the roguings and flirtations finally got to them and they decided to pay me spades.
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