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The Lady Dawntreader and Mistress Marie show us the smiles that have made even hard-hearted men swoon.
Chris and Kelly are known to everyone -- their talents at the taps and their witty comments keep us coming back to the Dragon Inn.
'Captain Hot Stuff' himself, Obsidian, looks like he's planning on causing mischief.
Heather (sans the 'innocence cap') shows battle-scars of her own (the lipstick, you dolt!)
Do you remember that movie with Leonardo DeCrappio in it? Revel Grove has the real thing -- here's Master Rackam, the man in the iron mask.
Austin who? We've got Mini-Stupina! Not as talkative as the original, but still a lot of fun to watch.
Johnathon Rattleberry, the town scribbler -- what exactly IS it that he does for "Hang-Em High" Prickett?
The Women of Wimsey, Kissandra and Scarlet, belt out another rousing drinking song at the Middleton Tavern.
Faith Moser, the Fabulous CD Wench for the Women of Whimsey sports one of her trademark chapeaus.
Mimi the Mime astounds us in her new outfit, a very etheral and ghostlike creation.
Jim, Keltik's impish other half, tears himself away from R.E. Piland to hang out at the pubs (or is that pass out???)
Three young hooligans out for some fun: The Lady Dawntreader, The White Dragon and Bruce "The Green Man" Bullen.
John Lasher stop for a moment to say, "Hey!" before bolting off again.
Columbina Andreni, the AFR Goddess of Love takes a moment off from breaking various hearts throughout Revel Grove for quiet reflection.
A better friend, drinking companion, fellow flirt and brother rogue you'd be hard pressed to find. Dirk (aka: Pretzel) strikes a pose.
To answer that age-old question: No, we're never going to grow up -- we're Toys 'R Us kids and we like it that way.
Snap your fingers and they magically appear from the ether -- the unsung heros of Revel Grove are always ready to cut a deal. Be it Mouser Swift (my brother rogue), Dar (the Rogue's Pimp), or Tommy (last of the Drunken Scots) they're always there when you're in a pinch.
Robin the Scribbler (aka: Johnathon Rattleberry) gets his paybacks for spurning the advances of the women of Revel Grove a'la wench style!
Whether you call him Locutus, Kevin, "stupid dwarf" or anything else, I'm priveledged enough to call him "friend."
The White Dragon gives his Royal Majesty, Henry VIII a little lesson on the proper way to woo a lady. By the way, I'm expecting to have my head removed over this little prank. [grin] Andre gets his paybacks for making me do this though, as you can see.

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