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"Damn it Bones, I'm a rennie not a photographer!" Bones Dragon subscribes to the philosphy of "he who dies with the most blades, wins" -- and we all think he'll win hands down!
Silverwillow takes a moment from drinking (she's Scottish, whatd'ya expect?) to say hello.
A new addition to the family, Brian "I don't have a faire name yet" glares at the camera with the menacing look of a pirate.
Master Jack Rackam is one who's always known to have a welcoming smile. See? Just like this one ...
While my back was turned, some knave managed to marry off my lady to a strange gentleman who for some reason reminds me of a certain Doctor Croaker that we all know.
Harold, one of the mud-beggars from Theatre in the Ground, shows us HIS imitation of a tourist -- shhh ... he's in disguise!
Scarlet O'Harlet and Kissandra Serenade return to the stage with songs to help warm up our chill autumn nights.
A visitor to Revel Grove, Ivanovich, kept us entertained and mystified with his magic tricks all afternoon -- we're hoping he returns to Revel Grove next year [hint] [hint].
There seems to be a strange resemblance to his Majesty in the tall form of Rex the Pirate. Suffering through being "arrested" and people confusing him with Henry, he's always got a smile to share.
That cad, Lord Daka, gives us a peek into the look that has won the hearts (and other things) of lovely lassies everywhere (not to mention he looks good in a kilt too!)
Claret (yeah, like the wine ... only better) belts out another rendition of her now infamous song "Get Yer Arse Outta Here" during the final pub sing.
Our friend Stevie (along with The Lady Dawntreader and ) enjoy their day at the festival.
Two of the greatest rogues I've had the privelege to meet at Sterling. Mark and Cormac. A special thanks to both of them for making the McArgh invasion team feel welcome and at home.
Speaking of Cormac, he and his luscious lady, Kirvin, came down to spend the weekend with us. Originally attending MDRF for only one day, they were "convinced" to stay the whole weekend!
My lovely lass, the Lady Dawntreader shows off her fine ... uhh ... garb and award-winning smile. Back off lads, she's going home with me! Thanks for sharing another season with me, my sweet.

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