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Warwickshire (Sterling, NY)

Cormac's face shows much astonishment as I wave off a shot of scotch -- occasionally I do pass up on a nip! Okay, so maybe I don't [wink]
Boys will be boys as Bill, Cormac and Mark clearly show -- or is it their audition for the Renaissance Rockettes?
Three lovely young ladies look on as Cormac proposes to the Lady Kirvin. Looks like another rogue is getting hitched!
Emrys Fleet, the ratcatcher, shows us all his version of the "port-a-privy" "Oh, I feel like I've had a nap..."
Gee, who would have thought you'd find a bunch of rogues camped out in front of the "Hearty Drinks" stand? Oh what a surprise to find us all here...especially Bill and Mark who never drink [grin]
Hoot, man! It's Emrys McFleet of the Clan McBozo! Keeping us in stitches as always, Emrys shows us a wee little bit of his ancient Scottish heritage.
The newly bethrothed couple of Warwickshire, that scoundrel Cormac and his Lady Kirvin are all grins -- at least when they're not kissing.
One my favorite people to watch, Emrys Fleet puts on a terrific show as he teaches everyone about the game of Rat-Puck (with of course the help of his trusted assistant Wilbur, the dancing weasel!)

Revel Grove (Crownsville, MD)

Jon and I show the looks that have won over so many hearts and caused so much mischief.
The Lady Dawntreader and I on closing day of MDRF 2003. The surcoat I'm wearing was finished on the drive to the site. And yes, it's extremely warm!
Cyd and I strike a pose during a rat-puck game. This might be the only sober picture of me playing, so enjoy. [grin]
Heather introduces us to her new pet, a stuffed otter. Love the "bat-hat" Heather!
In the game of RatPuck, this is what we call a "clusterpuck" -- it's how we often puck off!
The Lady Dawntreader takes a moment from wandering the tiny villages of Warwickshire and Revel Grove to gather her thoughts (and brighten up our days with her smile)!
Here we witness the ancient eating habits of mimes -- beware however, they may turn fierce if disturbed in the middle of their snack!
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