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Trouble in Larkspur

Master Jason (aka, Dirk) shows off his new duds. Gotta love a man in leather.
Okay, so the old adage "if it's on a stake it must be renaissance" cannot cover everything. I'd heard rumors about this newest addition to faires but couldn't take them seriously until I saw them. [sigh] What's next? Hot dogs and hamburgers?
Dawntreader, Ded Bob and Smudge --- the expression on her faces says it all.
Prepare to be "Bobitized"! Prepare to become a "Bob Zombie"! This extremely unusual act featuring Ded Bob and his dummy, Smudge, had the entire audience in tears. Puppets aren't just for kids anymore!
The Lady Dawntreader sports her new chapeau for the camera. See...she's already liking the role of viking queen!
From faeries to the royals, you never know who you'll bump into in the streets of Larkspur.
It's a knight, it's a a puppet, it's a terrific "thing" that caused me to do several double takes.

Escapades in Warwickshire

Master Mario takes a hard earned break after a day of manning the archery booth. Guess the sign doesn't apply to boothies!
Queen Elizabeth leads the cast n a rousing version of "Health to the Company" during the final sing at Warwickshire.
The Lady Dawntreader enjoys our yearly visit to Warwickshire.
Emrys Fleet, the Rat Catcher Extrordinaire and his trusted sidekick, Wilbur the singin', dancin', peg-legged, pirate weasel never cease to keep our sides splitting with laughter.
Dawntreader take a moment to share a laugh and her lunch with Lady Kirvin and Master Cormac at Warwickshire.

Mayhem in Morelandshire

A fellow I.B.R.S.C. member hands out beads and necklaces to the visitors of the shire during opening weekend.
The king and queen of the shire make their daily progression through the village during the parade.
Either I had the perfect shot for this photo, or that pole is just in a very odd spot!
And you thought that MDRF was easy to get lost in? Check out this signpost at the front entrance. In all actuality, there were signs everywhere, ensuring that noone got turned-about.
Bones takes a brief respite outside the gate and enjoys the perfection of the day!
The view of the shire straight up the main field section. Ignore the man and the horse, he's not part of this story.
Taken just after a mishap (I mean who'd have thought they'd have female mudwrestling?), the lovely [insert name] relaxes and laughs at the Sherriff and Feck. Well, she did get some Mardi Gras beads out of the embarrassment
The Sherriff and Feck Mud Show Extravaganza kept us in stitches when we visited. There was no telling where their insanity would go next. Not bad for a show that was thrown together in such a short time because the original Mud Beggars backed out at the last minute.
The troup I was in attendance with were in awe at the beauty of the garden. Dawntreader, John and Marie take a moment to savory the quiet tranquility of this most magical spot.

Mischief in Revel Grove

"Hi, Captain Jack Sparrow? I'm Captain Jack Sparrow," was the comment being made when this photo was taken during Pirate Invasion Weekend.
When all was said and done, Mistress Cyd proved she was a Master Pucker she was when she took home the coveted Crimson Rat. Kudos!
Regan Avery (wonderful and witty webmistress of the MDRF Withdrawal Page) and our own Dinty the Moor compare notes on their matching tights.
My mother. "The one what spawned me" as I so often put it. She's got the faire bug now, ya know!
My Lady. My Light. My Love. Mistress Dawntreader.
Rocket, that saucy little wench from New York, made an appearance in Revel Grove again -- much to the pleasure of all men in the shire!
Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde perhaps? Actually, it's just Obsidian up to his usually goofiness. Ladies, don't you just wanna take him home to meet your parents after seeing that second picture? I think I need to airbrush horns onto it!
We discovered that I have a long-lost brother in Missouri. He's also known as "Dorian" and he has a wonderful friend named Melissa who came with him. Say hullo to "the other Emrys".
Pyrate Invasion weekend tends to be the Lady Dawntreader's favorite weekend because I wear tooth black and a gold pimp tooth. This year, in honor of "Pirates of the Carribbean" I even added a little eyeliner (and I actually got compliments on it!)
Everyone's favorite aunt (especially the Lady Dawntreader, who is kind enough to share) returned to Revel Grove again this year. She actually stopped long enough for me to snap this shot before she went hurrying back to the wine garden! Hiya Aunt Bubba!
Amethyst, a former MDRF'er, always finds her way back home. This year she managed to pull Theresa out closing weekend. They forced me to bear witness to their tights, and I fought them the whole way, I assure you [wink].
In the race for the coveted Crimson Rat, these puckers certainly showed their true colors!
Master Jack Rackham poses in his best manly style. Even though he was fired by the Queen closing weekend, he did at least get a chance to perform again with the Pyrates Royale (something we've not seen for a long, long time).
Zack Rackham, Jack's twin brother, seems to be the real 'lady-killer' in the family...especially when it's the Queen who's playing the part of the 'Lady'! He even got a promotion over it -- his brother's old job!
Much to everyone's shock and horror, the well-meaning (and completely insane), Scratch demonstrates the procedure for making those pretzels we all love so much. I don't think I'll be able to eat another for as long as I live. Ugh!
Stupina, always having a smile ready, gives us her best for the camera! I think she might be trying to flirt with me, but with Stupina one can never be entirely sure! [smooch]
During a Shakespeare's Skum set, we found out what Ophelia was really like.
Columbina and Patrick demonstrate the reason that marriages are called "institutions" -- it's "The Italian Wedding" show! Forget the Greek ones because anything that could possibly go wrong, often does...much to the enjoyment of the audience.
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