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The Bronx Elf, myself and the Lady Dawntreader at VARF during the 1998 season.
Another shot of my two favorite ladies - The infamous Bronx Elf (who provided the photo) and Dawntreader at VARF '98.
Here's a great shot of the alt.faire.renaissance newsgroupies at The Virginia Renaissance Faire '98 (photo by Bronxelf)
Quite the bunch of otters: Keltik (and beau), myself, The Emerald Dragon, Patricia and Kalani pose for a quick picture.
The Emerald Dragon and Pyrate Peg share a laugh - what's so funny? The rabbit ears I'm doing behind Peg's back [grin] (photo by Greyfox)
The Goddess of Mead, Vicki stands ready for all comers and is armed with the infamous MeadMaster 2000!
Cleopatra who? We've got our own belly-dancers that would have made Mark Anthony dump that Egyptian chica...
What's this? Rogues all in a row: Troy, The Emerald Dragon, myself, Craig, Tiger and Steve.
Here's a shot of Tiger up to something - although, he's always up to something, so your guess is as good as mine about what he's plotting.
One third of the "Drunken Scots" - Geoff is caught holding the bag. (photo by Greyfox)
The greatest of all barmaids and a flirt to boot! Sharon has seen me sober, drunk, passed out and hung-over and still thinks I'm cute. [shrug]
One of the biggest flirts and MDRF and I'm priviledged to call her my friend...heeeere's Lissa! (photo by Greyfox)
Here's the best squire any knight could ever hope to employ. He goes by the name of Soltoro di Toscanni and can usually be found in the company of the Freelancers.
Here's my nephew, Brandon, after being knighted. His Majesty's comment after he found out who he was? "Oh no, you mean that I created another one...?"
MDRF is truly a family affaire...Here's a shot of Chris presenting Lady Cecilia at faire for the first time.
I've heard of drinking yourself blind, but don't you think Randy's gone a little too far this time? Thank God Siobhan, his girlfriend, is there to hold him up.
Who says men have all the fun? The Lady Dawntreader is quite a mischief-maker; and here's the proof! Kilt check, anyone?
Yes, it's me, the Davey Jones look-alike, caught plotting with Tommy and shown with the hard-won battle-scars of a wench-walk (photos by Greyfox)
Of all of the wonderful people I've met at faire over the years, Kalani is certainly one of my favorite. And yes, this is his "woody"
Anyone who's spent any time at the taverns should recognize these two: In between breaking hearts, Kathy and Chris pull taps at the Dragon Inn.
Oh captain, my captain! Captain Fletcher Moon strikes the bell during the closing pub sing.
Cheryl's been a great friend for many long years and is the little sister I never had. She'll break your hearts, guys...unless I break your neck first.
Speaking of family, here's a few shots of my "big brother," the infamous god of backscratching, The Emerald Dragon. See, flirting runs in the family :)
Remember that guy who was always clowning around in high school? Well..he's grown up, changed his name to Hemloche and is still goofing off
Devil or Angel? Columbina (or Goddess of Love to all you otters) and her alter-ego, Stupina are always ready to entertain...both in their own way.
Awww...ain't she cute? She's the one and only Pyrate Peg Reilly. not all children were meant to be eaten. Granted, Pyrate Katie isn't really a child - more like a tiny rennie.
Our dear f[r]iend, Master Jack Rackam, attempts to keep Marie and The Lady Dawntreader warm on a chilly autumn morning .
Cardinal Sinnius Vice awaits the next...err...confession.
He's wild, he's cool and he's occasionally single. Greyfox, the original Drunken Scot, takes time away from flirting long enough for a few pictures.
Gee Julia...why do I have so many pictures of you with cider in your hand? Children, take note: the picture on the right is after waaay too many!
The always adorable Tink captures the camera's eye (and many a roving rogue's heart) during the invasion at Maryland.
The 1998 Maryland Invasion introduced me to these two scoundrels: Firebow and Eric the Poof. Beware thy neck when these two are about...
Whoa...put a bunch of gorgeous girls together at the faire and you get a lot of love-struck men. The infamous Wench Walk strikes again!
The light of my life and keeper of my heart, My Lady Dawntreader
The Lady Dawntreader and myself enjoy the faire as only we can.
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