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John (Don Juan), myself (Cassanova) and Darrin (Sir Lancelot) - three of the "Foofah Boys" at MDRF
This is a cute picture of Judy and I at fest again, being Heather & Angus (our alter-egos) during the '95 season. Now, who's hand IS that?!?!?
Judy and I at MDRF during the 1997 season, just outside of home (the White Hart Tavern).
Steve (from the Dragon and Unicorn) and myself showing off the fresh batch of white dragon mugs... I had to bug him for 5 years to get the white ones screened on.
On the wall of the White Hart (from left to right: myself, Judy, Kim, Darrin) Where else would you find the four of us but in a tavern?
It looks like Greyfox has a good sense of what a well balanced meal is...Serena in one hand and Dawntreader in the other!
Three lovely maids all in a's Judy, Cheryl and Rebecca. Something tells me the wench-walk isn't far behind.
Garb-making runs in the blood - even to my child, the infamous "Nikki". Now, If I could just teach her to stitch.
Sir Lancelot has finally found a maiden who has captured his heart forever, Kim.
Have you ever seen such revelers as these? Tiger, Jeanie and Judy strike a pose at the 1997 season.
Scarlet O'Harlot, the Lady Dawntreader and Kissandra Serenade - could this be the missing third member of Capprizzio?
Speaking of Scarlet, here she is giving Greyfox the biggest treat of his life - a sweet little peck on the cheek. Va Va Va Voom!
Who needs the wench walk when we have a full lineup of wenches: Kathy, Emily, Lissa, Judy, Jeanie, Kim and Ceejay.
Sir Lancelot and The White Dragon lay siege to the castle in hopes of getting a favor from a fair maiden (or perhaps a little more!)
The knight and the dragon stand poised for the attack. Could these two rogues ever behave? We certainly hope not!
Some things will never change. The Lady Dawntreader and I are as happy together as when this photograph was taken ('95 season MDRF).
The Lady Dawntreader, The White Dragon and Sir Lancelot take time out for a photo during the '95 season.
The troupe from the Maryland Renassaince Festival that was taken during the 1995 season. LtoR: myself, Judy, Darrin, Emily and Tiger...and yes, we're regimental!
1995 troupe again; this time I'm wearing my chainmail vest and stand surrounded by Emily, Tiger, Lissa and the Lady Dawntreader.
And who would this scoundrel be? guess.
The Irish army invading Revel Grove? Actually it's a couple of my friends, Aaron and Craig, after a few too many trips to the bar.
A great friend and a wonderful webmistress, Regan actually stands still long enough for me to get a snapshot of her.
Basking in the warm glow of another day at faire, Rebecca enjoys the final pub sing at the Boar's Head Tavern.
The horde from MDRF '97 - The White Dragon, Samantha, Tiger, Greyfox, Jeannie (sitting), Emily, Dawntreader, Vigo, Kathy and Sir Lancelot
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