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What exactly is this Renaissance Faire Purity Test thing all about anyway?

The Renaissance Faire Purity Test is a javascript based way of "rating" yourself in accordance to the experiences you've had a Renaissance Faire. It was never meant to be taken seriously, nor does it scientifically pigeon-hole you into a pecking order (no pun intended). Lower scores do not make you a cooler person, just as a higher score does not mean you're a some sort of panty waste. If you lack the ability to laugh at yourself or suffer from low self-esteem, then don't bother taking the test -- you'll just end up bitching about your score. On the other hand, if you can take the joke, take the test and see how into faire you've sunk...

How did the test come about anyway?

Several years ago, I stumbled across a list called, "You know you've been doing faire too long when..." and thought, "hmm....these are hysterical questions." Out of that list, the test was born. I originally coded something like 30 questions into a simple test with check boxes and javascript, and laughed hysterically when my score popped up. It was a grand joke. I email'ed a few of my friends from faire, telling them to check it out and see what kind of score they got. They took the test, laughed a lot and email'ed some other people the address. I figured that I'd get maybe 100 hits, tops, and people would stop coming. Before I knew it, the word had spread and people from faires all over the country found their way here. Then people from all over the world popped in for a visit. I've even heard that people were printing out copies of the test, sitting around at parties and taking it. Who knew? I certainly didn't. The test continued to grow and evolve, still doing so when I get the time and inspiration.

Why is my score so high? I've been working faire for 245 years and I'm still listed as a 'dane.

The real question is this: Do you ever leave the booth and wander around the faire? Just because you work there doesn't mean jack regarding your score. I know of people in corporate supervisorial positions that have no clue about is going on around them. Live a little and enjoy faire instead of treating it like another job -- faire is an escape from real life and a place to become someone you normally can't.

Why is my score so low? I feel like such a geek.

Perhaps you should take a bow instead of hiding your head. You may have discovered the zen of the Renaissance Faire circuit and certainly know how to have a good time. You could find that people may admire your knowledge and experiences more than you originally thought. Besides, you're in great company!

Why is the test so biased towards people who live unchristian-like lives, have children, drink alcohol, are married or aren't professionally involved with "the show."

It's not. This test is a general test meant to include as many common activities as possible and not meant to single out any particular group of people. I can't answer every single one of the questions, and anyone who can is either a liar or in need of a life.

I want a lower score and I'll whine until I get my way. Do you ever plan on creating another version of the test for people who can't answer all the questions so they can get a lower score?


Is there any Renaissance Faire Purity Test merchandise available?

Why yes, there is! I've set up a shop on CafePress with a large assortment of items on it. The items change from time to time, so check back every now and then. To get to the store simply click here or the CafePress link to the left. Do you get any score bonuses for helping support my faire habit? No, but you do get my eternal gratitude and some really cool things for next to nothing.

Where can I send constructive comments or question ideas?

email The White Dragon to let him know what you thought of the test. He reads all the email and is always looking for more ideas for questions to add. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you, be it about the test or faire in general.

Don't you hate those pretentious people who refer to themselves in third person? Yeah, me too. :)

Where can I send hate mail, mail bombs, gripes or whines?

email and then go pound sand up your ass. Better yet, allow me.

Do you really get hate mail about this test?

Yes, actually I did, especially before I put that annoying disclaimer up. People seriously took offense to their scores and would bitch and moan about how biased and stupid the test was. Those emails went straight to the little trash can.