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In Need of Professional Help

You've gone above and beyond the call of duty. Faire is your lifeblood and very essense of being to you. Perhaps you live a little too much in a fantasy world. Perhaps you also see purple rhinos pacing back and forth in your living room while singing Carmen Miranda. There really is a world outside of the faire circuit and you might not be seeing too much of it. Get help -- quickly!

Renaissance Faire Addict

Time to break out that Renaissance Faire Anonymous membership card.  You've contracted full-blown junkie status; [un]fortunately there is no known cure or fix. "Real life" to you is that humdrum time between faires that you've come to dread and is usually filled with grandiose plans for garb, cider consumption and dreams of faires.


You are one of the few, the proud, the pub-flies.  Your status indicates that you've touched many things faireness and that even though there are things that would bring you closer to the brink of addiction you haven't had a chance to do them -- yet... Sieze the day (or the nearest person in garb) and enjoy yourself!  You've come a long way, baby and there is only more to come!


Way to get in the swing of things!  Just don't swing that sword my way, alright?  Ouch!  You walk the walk and talk the talk, ost of the time correctly even.  People usually recognize your face and even the barmaids can remember your usual poison.  Now, if only you would buy a certain dragon a mug o' cider...but I digress.

Turkey with Dressing

So, you've gotten hold of a "costume", grabbed a turkey leg to munch on and have that plastic cup of mead to slate thy thirst.  Faire is no longer some passing fancy for you, it's something you're ready to try and understand.  You could catch yourself asking for cider or ale at the neighborhood liquor store, so don't be put off by the odd looks you'll likely get.  You might also pass by a fabric store and think, "I wonder if that Royal Velvet is on sale?"  Well?  Go find out!


Plastic swords in your drinks are the closest you want to be to one.  You're off to a good start, though!  Keep trying to do new things at faire and you'll watch that pesky purity rating fall like, uh, Anne Boleyn's head.  You still feel you're wandering around the faire ground and more than a little out of place, but you know that can change, and besides, you've still got that buy-one-get-one-free admission to use.

Renaissance Faire Virgin

Like Leonardo DeCrappio found out, an iceberg hides the majority of its bulk beneath the surface.  Renaissance Faires are very much the same way.  You've ventured out into the water, but haven't taken the plunge into the pagentry.  Take a risk and find out why so many people call faire "home."